You can now pay fees online


1. Click the 'Pay Now' link below.

This view will show up momentarily


2. Wait for the first two fields to get filled in automatically.


3. Fill in Registration Number & Click Search

Registration number = SabujAbujh Student ID 


Student ID format has recently been modified. 

for example, 010012019001 it is now 91012019001

4. In the next screen


Check Student Name | Class | ID 

Select Fee(s) you want to pay under 'Dues​' tab

Click 'Continue & Pay'.

You can use most Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking Services.*

Puzzle Progress

Payment Portal is yet to be updated.

for now, already paid previous fees may appear as Unpaid, since the system has not yet been updated.

Pay only those fees that are actually NOT paid by you.

All fees already paid over the school cash counter will soon be updated as 'Paid'. 

* all payment gateway and respective service providers' rules and conditions apply.